London New Year 2014


Things what I saw: a maximum of cash paired with a minimum of taste, towers of confectionary, a giant blue cock sharing a corner of the same square with a nation’s heroes (apparently sans irony), a dog without a face, black horses prancing and foaming around their golden bits, pomp with no particular circumstance, three children sharing one lap on the crowded underground, the saddest TARDIS in the known and unknown universes, slush, skeleton trees and skeleton keys, a fairy tale, a history, the inside of a dark hotel room at midday, hot pink feet, hot pink ducks, the bottom of several pints, the greasy clarity of a used chips bag, the bluest sky gone grey and back again, mouths forming around foreign tongues, bad decisions, good people, fireworks, ravens carefully camouflaging midnight snacks with bits of moss, the Mairzy Dotes man on the Thames’ south bank, dragons and lions rampant, and the way even the jaded pause when church bells peal.

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